Chicago's Rational Park is a gallery, event
space and full-time shared creative studio.
It's no Guggenheim, but it's pretty good.

Rational Park is a place for presentations, surprise parties, classes and meetings, awards ceremonies, dog/cat weddings, focus group jim-jams, yoga videos, balloon interventions and baseball card meet-ups. Looking for a great space to host your event?
Send us a note.

Stay Tuned

We don't have public events scheduled right now, but things pop up all the time. Check back soon.

Painting Bridal Show Balloons Conference Space Dance Screen Printing Photo Shoot Gallery Empty Photo Sweep Stationary Lights & Reflectors

Founded in 2010, the 3000 square foot space was designed primarily to serve the day-to-day workspace needs of those camped at Rational Park. Six offices fill the center, and in back is a screen-printing room and workshop. The work area is partitioned by a 12 x 8-foot retractable wall that separates it from the front gallery. 14-foot high ceilings and dropped track lighting offer an inviting blank canvas for installations and events. The 10-foot wide rolled sweep attached to the ceiling provides an excellent resource for photo shoots.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with any ideas or questions.
We'll see if we can help.

About Us

Rational Park essentially started in 2007 as a cooperative model for friends running independent creative businesses. After relocating to the current space, it has evolved into a resource not only for the members, but for their larger scale projects and for the community as a whole. They are designers, developers, art directors, illustrators, publishers and musicians.

About Adam

Adam is a jack of all trades, master of some. Running much of the platform and language gamut, he is a hyper-critical data architect and a steady-handed code surgeon. He is a also musician, (very) amateur photographer, gardener, cook, and animal lover... and no matter what he says, he does not believe your data models are quite up to snuff.

Penly Solutions, Inc., The Laureates, Paul Cary, Instagram, @adampenly, @penlysolutions

About Anna

Anna Cerniglia is an adjunct faculty of the School of the Art Institute, freelance curator and the director/founder of Johalla Projects.!/johallaprojects

About Craighton

Craighton Berman is an industrial designer, creative director, and illustrator who's interested in bringing ideas to life. He's often thinking about the next cup of coffee.

Craighton Berman Studio, fueledbycoffee, The Following is for Reference OnlyReal Men Swear@fueledbycoffee@craightonberman, InstagramRdio

About Johnathan

Graphic Designer, Wordpresser, Photographer, Wood Worker, Recorder, Drummer. Enjoys a well oiled chain and a sharp knife as well as his Wacom pad. He has not yet mastered the art of making hard boiled eggs, but is currently looking for a mentor on this matter.


About Johnny

Johnny Sampson is an illustrator, printer, picker and grinner.

About Michael

Michael is a writer, photographer, strategist, and the founder of Good Beer Hunting. GBH is a chronicle, brand consultancy, and pop-up event space in Chicago working with some of beer's most motivated companies—creating compelling stories, products for the craft lifestyle, and collaborating on experiences for its most dedicated and curious audiences.  

Good Beer Hunting

About Michael

Michael is an Art Director, Graphic Designer and bloody mary enthusiast. In addition to hustling his services via Rational Park, he is the Creative Director of Pitchfork and host of the Show 'n Tell Show.

Tw: @RenaudCo


2557 West North Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647

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